17 People Share The Most F**ked Up Things They’ve Ever Done In A Relationship

6. einTier:

Dated this girl for about nine months when this conversation happened.Her: “I tell you I love you all the time. Why have you never said it to me?”Me: “Because I don’t.”

7. Sullybleeker:

Guy dated girl for twelve years. Lived with her for six. Proposed and planned wedding for a year. Dumped her five days before the wedding. His reason “I had to marry you or our friends and family would think I was an asshole for being with you for so long without marrying you”.

8. faunprincess:

By far the worst thing I’ve ever done in a relationship and I’m not proud of it. But it’s my time to shine!I dated this kid for three years and he was a complete asshole. He’d lecture me about everything, including boiling water properly for example. He had to be right about everything and was a total hypochondriac. But since he was right about everything you couldn’t tell him that he was fine. He cut his nuts shaving (WITH A STRAIGHT RAZOR) and almost made himself pass out from the sight of blood. He called an ambulance to my parent’s house in the middle of the night and woke everyone up knowing my home situation at the time was extremely volatile and on edge. (He wasn’t bleeding nearly enough to even warrant a trip to the hospital.) Ambulance shows up and takes him to the hospital. Instead of going with him I went to my friend’s house.I broke up with him while he was in the hospital. Over a text. After 3 years. I’m not even sorry.

9. LouisvilleMedia:

I dated a girl that was a wealthy status seeking climber, and by wealthy I meant her parents. They paid for her home, her daughter to go to a private school, and her Waterford crystal additcion. She was most concerned about having the right friends and social connections.My girlfriend was not very computer savvy, so I set up all of her her accounts. She cheated on me, twice. 6 months after our break up, I looked at her email inbox. She had a message from her new Dr. boyfriend, concerned she had given him an STD. It was actually a very sweet email. considering the topic.I forwarded the email to EVERYONE in her contact list.She moved to Florida.

10. borillathehun:

When I moved out and shut the power off on the cheatin ass. She said “but I love you!” And I said. “Well love me in the dark.”