People Reveal The Pettiest Thing Their Ex Has Ever Done And It’ll Have You Swear Off Dating Forever

Breakups can be hard for everyone involved sometimes. Other times, one person is hurt way worse than the other. When this happens, whoever gets hurt the worst wants to get sweet, sweet revenge on the person who broke their heart. While physical violence is frowned upon in society, and no one wants to go to jail, the next best thing is to be absolutely petty. What’s a better way to get back at someone who hurt you than by stealing something, breaking something, or constantly reminding them how much of an awful person they are? People online shared the pettiest things their ex has ever done for “revenge” after a breakup and the responses will really make you thankful for never having to date any of these savage souls.


My ex-husband gave me back my KitchenAid mixer but kept all the attachments.


Stole and used checks on my name,
sold my TV via facebook- all while i was moving out.

But her grand finale must be waiting for me outside my doorstep, on my birthday, with a wrapped dildo in her hand.

Two years after we broke up!

While i was living with my new girlfriend!


About a month after I moved out of my exs place he told me to come pick up some mail. As I was leaving work I told him I’d be there in 15 minutes, and he said he’d be home.

I texted him that I’d arrived and after a few minutes knocked on the door to be let in by the roommate who directed me to the back room. I walk in to him fucking a stripper he’d recently made his girlfriend, bent over a desk I’d built him. I waited for them to dress so he could give me my mail, because he wouldnt just tell me where to find it. As soon as he handed it to me I began to walk out, and he persued me saying things like “hey don’t you wanna talk?” And “come back! How have you been?”. I just said “youre disgusting” and got in my car.

Four months to the day of our breakup, he married the stripper, and is currently in the process of getting divorced. That relationship was a mistake, for sure.


After I broke up with my first high school boyfriend, he left messages on my desk with misspelled words and incorrect grammar, knowing how irritated I would be, as it was (and still is) one of my biggest pet peeves.


Moved out while I was at work one day. Took my cat, and had him put to sleep. It was petty to her.