People Reveal The Pettiest Thing Their Ex Has Ever Done And It’ll Have You Swear Off Dating Forever


My ex changed the passwords to my Snapchat, ruined my Bitmoji, and proceeded to block every guy on my account.”


We’d celebrated Christmas together, and all of my Christmas decorations were at his place. When we broke up, he refused to return my Christmas stuff. They weren’t worth money, though some were 50 or more years old (they’d been my grandparents), and a lot of them were personalized. There was no reason for him to keep them other than to be a dick. A decade later, I’m still mad about this.


The day I left my ex boyfriend I spent 4 hours in the woods looking for my truck keys because he had thrown my keys away in the woods behind our apartment in a feeble effort to stop me from walking out.


“My boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend cut open an oversized panda bear he had gotten her, took out all the stuffing, and wore the skin of the bear.”


After dating for about a year and a half, my ex and I split on mostly amiable terms. A couple months after the split, a mutual friend of ours died in a car accident. I found out first, so I called him to let him know. He was very short with me, and he refused to acknowledge me at our friend’s funeral. He told me later that he was happily dating someone new, that I needed to “respect them,” and that my phone call was “inappropriate.” Here I was just grieving over the loss of our friend, and he’s worried that I’m somehow trying to turn this tragedy into a way to win him back? ?


Written by Lex Gabrielle

A writer and teacher from New York City who fully supports messy buns and 3+ cups of coffee a day.