35 People Share The Pettiest Thing Their Ex Has Ever Done To Them

When it comes to breakups, we all have our bad ones. There are the exes we wish we could completely erase from our lives, the ones who made us swear off dating for quite some time, and the ones who haunt us for years to come.
When relationships end, people’s emotions are at an all-time high, so it’s not wild to believe that some people do some stupid things. But, some exes are so spiteful, they can’t help themselves but stoop to the petty level. BuzzFeed asked their users to share the “pettiest thing their ex has ever done to them,” and some of the stories will make you probably appreciate your ex–who wasn’t a petty sociopath.


Ex husband was a real gem. cheated on me and was a raging alcoholic. Found a replacement me within a month of splitting up. I spent the next 5 years happily alone raising my kids the right way. Then I met my boyfriend. Ex goes into a tizzy, starts bad mouthing me and decides to stop paying the very small, not even legal minimum amount of child support. Then he decides to call DYFS and housing code enforcement on me and tells my kids I called on myself. Hoping karma pays him a visit soon.



At my parents request, I broke up with the ex when he turned 18 because I was younger and they thought it would lead to the “birds and the bees”…months rolls by, he breaks the news that he married some chick that had 2 kids previously, with different guys. Some years pass, I figured out he was divorced from him stalking me at my job. The cherry on top, was him asking my younger step sister out on a date. I wish I was making this up, this is petty on a vinegar-salty level.



An old ex used to message me (a few years after we had broken up), often asking about my current love life and thoughts about getting back together.
It wasn’t until a few months later that I found out he and his current girlfriend were co-conspiring, in order to emotionally torment me.



so i met this guy through this girl who WAS my best friend at the time, and i was dating him because he was part of our friend group (yes. i know. ) it only lasted a week (he was very childish). we were sitting in my car before he had work and he took the aux cord and plugged it into his phone. I didn’t think anything of it because we always listened to a lot of music together. so he plays a few songs and then he tells me to stop what i’m doing and listen to the lyrics. THIS ASSHOLE PUT ON “Friends” by Justin Bieber and Bloodpop. For those of you who don’t know that song the lyric that was most important for me to hear was “can we still be friends?” and he proceeded to ask me if i understood. WELL skip to a week later, i wrecked my car in a bad accident. he had been texting my friend allllllll that time since we’d broken up. i was in the car all alone. WELL he found out i wrecked my car and told me that i should’ve hit my head at some point because a vegetable would be smarter than i am (keep in mind he was absolutely in LOVE with me before i ever gave him attention. i’m incredibly out of his league). Then he asked my friend if SHE was okay. SHE WASNT EVEN IN THE CAR. ????????????? but anyways he started sleeping with her and now i’m not friends with her and he still messages me once in awhile telling me he messed up and he wants me back (try again buddy).



Tried to make our mutual friends choose between us. He then tried to get sympathy by getting crossfaded every night so that our friends would have to take care of him and therefore not be able to hang out with me. So immature.



My ex “accidentally” called me while he was fucking someone else.



When he moved out, he took all my Tupperware lids and left the containers.



My ex started a conversation by saying she felt she wasn’t mentally stable enough to be in a relationship right now and that it would be better to just take a break. We both had our share of instability and so I understood where she was coming from, so I agreed. Ten minutes later she posts on Twitter and she’s got a new girlfriend, and they’re trashing me in texts. She claims I wasn’t sexual enough for her and so she went ahead and tried to get the emotional need from me and the sexual need from the other girl. Not right man, I’m still salty.



My ex would “accidentally” send messages to me that were meant for the girls he was trying to hook up with after we broke up.



Broke up with me, then a couple weeks later got drunk and texted my best friend saying “if things were different I could’ve been dating you”



It’s not super scandalous but I had an ex who would deliberately misspell my first name even though while we were dating he always spelled it correctly. Or he would mispronounce my name.