People Reveal The Pettiest Thing Their Ex Has Ever Done And It’ll Have You Swear Off Dating Forever


My ex and I moved across country together, but we ended up breaking up this past summer. It was honestly as amicable as I thought it could be and we decided we wanted to try and remain friends. Well, after a few months when we had finished up with our lease (I was still living there but he moved out) I found out that he blocked me on social media, as well as my number. He also deleted and blocked all of my friends AND MY MOTHER. He also got all of his friends to block me. He also cut me off from getting the cats back that we had, even though he wanted me to have them. This all happened right before he told me that he was regifting the lady Gaga tickets he got me for my birthday LAST year and refused to sell them to me. Said I didn’t deserve to go lol. Also found out he was cheating on me the entire time we lived together too. At least he’s out of my life now!


A classic – changing his FB picture to the exact same one but with me cropped out of it.
Another ex was the son of family friends that we had thanksgiving with EVERY year. We broke up when I was 13 and he literally never spoke to me again. Ever. Saw him multiple times a year at family evens multiple times until I went to college and he never said another word to me.


My most recent ex gave all my stuff to a mutual friend to return to me. This included anniversary presents, cards, pictures, (typical stuff) and stuff I never expected to get back (pens, cough drops, a pack of mints). And to top it off, I recieved a 4 page letter about everything i did wrong in the relationship and it ended with “P.S. I doubt you’ll ever find anyone as good as me.”


Mine have been pretty benign, but my SO’s ex has created multiple accounts for her on escorting websites, so every now and then she’ll get creepy phonecalls asking about the “going rate”.


She started dating my driller and got me run off that rig for bullshit reasons. She then got pregnant by him. Joke’s on you bitch, I’ve got a great job now, and he works at taco John’s. Hope you enjoy trying to raise a baby on minimum wage.


Written by Lex Gabrielle

A writer and teacher from New York City who fully supports messy buns and 3+ cups of coffee a day.