17 People Share The Most F**ked Up Things They’ve Ever Done In A Relationship

11. privatejohnson123:

My ex girlfriend in high school tried to give back some sweatshirts and things she still had from when we dated. Because I am a horrible person, I just made her give them directly to my current girlfriend in a hilariously awkward exchange that undoubtedly earned me a first class ticket to hell.

12. PuddleZerg:

I sent her nudes to her husband.

13. not_homestuck:

When I was 14 I’d heard that you were never, ever supposed to break up with a person over text message, no matter what, because it was a cowardly move. My boyfriend at the time went to another high school, which might as well have been a long distance relationship. I didn’t want to break up with him over text, but I didn’t want to be with him anymore, so I just…ghosted him.I still feel shitty about that.

14. m1nhC:

 I ate her left over 2 slices of pizza she was going to take too work because she didn’t wash the dishes after I cooked dinner the night before.

15. CaptainObvious1906:

I had been dating this girl for months but I found out she still had feelings for her ex. She was also planning on dumping me for him. So I called her over really romanced her. We had sex for the first time.Then I never called her again.