Men Reveal The Real Reasons They Cheat In Relationships

Why do men cheat? The question every female wishes she knew or knew how to prevent. It’s a question that haunts every relationship no matter how hard we try to hide it. Being in a relationship is a beautiful thing. Sure, there are ups and downs and maybe more downs than highs – but it’s love that keeps a couple unified. Love, but most importantly trust. Without trust, there never really will be a peace of mind for either person in the relationship. Although there are those cases in which we find the infamous toxic couple who just keeps breaking up and getting back together after having numerous cheating problems but that’s another story…

Let’s focus on men here, shall we? There really isn’t one solid reason on why the male species chooses to peck from another plate. There are actually quite a few but don’t get too frightened for there are only so much you can count them with your fingers.

Based on a recent survey conducted by Superdrug Online Doctor, men usually cheat because the person they choose to cheat with are attractive to them. SHOCKER. Another pretty obvious one, they lack the sex the want from their official partner so they go on the prowl to find it somewhere else and usually there is almost always someone available to cater to their needs. Long story short, basically men just cheat for physical reasons.

According to the same survey, it’s actually pretty hard for a man to turn down someone who hits on them. In fact, it seems that men in general just lack self control in comparison to women but that’s not all. Most men choose to cheat on their respective partners simply because they are insecure with themselves. What does that mean you ask? Well, it basically means that they are so deeply afraid of losing their significant other by being cheated on that they go on and cheat first just to beat the other to it. Hold on it gets stupider.

Sometimes they don’t even consider it cheating. Yup. Most of them don’t consider flirting with someone else cheating. It may be so but it beats the purpose of respecting your actual partner by giving someone else the time of day don’t you think? Men tend to play a certain game called denial in which they basically deny everything and anything that is considered cheating and instead choose to blame their partner for their violation of conduct. Didn’t have dinner ready for me tonight babe? Well then I guess I’ll go ahead and cheat. Completely understandable if you ask me.

Truth of the matter is that there is absolutely no excuse for someone to cheat on their partner no matter how tempted they were in the situation. If you are in a relationship with a person, it is because you chose to be with said person and you should respect it. If you fall out of love then please let that other person know and stop wasting their time. Most guys fail to communicate this simply because they don’t have the balls to say they don’t feel the same way they did for you. Although, some of them actually choose to cheat on purpose so that you end up doing all the dirty work of finding out and ending the relationship yourself. Seriously, most of these reasons just add up to other reasons that just don’t even make sense but hey, men never really make sense anyway do they?