5 Ways To Make It Work In A Relationship When Your Partner Is Insecure

In society, people often perpetuate the stigma that insecure individuals are undatable because of their insecurities and problems. This could not be more false. No one in the world is truly “undatable,” some people just come with a bit more baggage than others and it’s up to the people they choose to date to learn to cope with those suitcases. Some people find it incredibly difficult to date those with insecurities because they require a little extra TLC, a little more validation and sometimes, a bit more effort and time. But, I’ll be honest, if you’re dating someone who doesn’t want to give you any of those – why are you dating them anyway?

Being with someone who is insecure can be a challenge sometimes, there’s no denying that. But, in a way, from time to time we are all a bit insecure. There are times when we are comparing ourselves to others, times we wish we can change aspects of ourselves, times when are extra down on ourselves – which in turn, makes us all slightly insecure. Being insecure to the point where you don’t love yourself, however, is a very big struggle to overcome – one which not many people do. And, being in love with someone who cannot love themselves is even harder, as many people feel that individuals show others how to love them by the way in which they love themselves.

There are ways in which to make your partner feel more secure and comfortable in your relationship, by doing big things and small things to show them that they do matter to you and they are worth it.

1. Remind them why you love them.

Some people who are insecure feel bad about certain aspects of themselves that others may enjoy. For example, your partner may think they’re not that good looking, or, they have an embarrassing quality or quirk. It’s important to remind them why you love them and what your favorite parts of them are. Sometimes, they may struggle to accept compliments because they don’t necessarily believe it about themselves, but, if you tell them enough times, hopefully, they’ll believe it, too.

2. Don’t give them a reason to doubt you.

If you want to date someone – date someone. If you’re unsure about someone, don’t date them. It’s bad enough to date someone you’re unsure of, to begin with, but if you’re dating someone you know struggles with self-worth and self-esteem and not entirely committed, you’re just being a complete douchebag. No one should have to lie awake at night and wonder if their significant other really wants to be with them. Make sure you’re sure before setting up any sort of commitments.