5 Ways To Make It Work In A Relationship When Your Partner Is Insecure

3. Respect their boundaries and limits.

Don’t push someone if they explain some things are harder for them – this goes for any relationship you’re in with any kind of person. Maybe they’re more comfortable having sex with the lights off. Maybe they’re not ready to go out with all of your friends and their girlfriends/boyfriends just yet. Whatever the issue is, let them get to it in their own time. Pushing them will only make it worse and is slightly disrespectful.

4. Realize you may need to work a little harder to earn their trust.

Insecure people have usually been burned before in the past by a relationship or ex. Realize that it’s not you, but things they are afraid of from their past that prevent them from opening up so easily. Don’t make them feel bad or take it as an insult, realize it’s not you and that even if you’re doing everything right, you may just have to put in that extra effort. If they’re worth it to you, then it’s worth doing.

5. Don’t throw their insecurities in their face.

The worst thing you can do to someone who is insecure and has low self-esteem is reminding them constantly, blame them or throw it in their face. That’s the worst possible thing to do because it’s like taking 10 steps back in any situation. It will be a bit more work to date someone who is insecure, but, realize that in the end, the more you try, the less insecure this person will be as they will grow to trust you, and love themselves a bit more along the way.