7 Real Reasons We Want To See All Of Your Selfies

Because having friends in pics is SO 2016.

With so much fluidity in diversity and differences amongst women, there is one area where there are two sides and two sides only: Women who post selfies and women who do not. You either do or you don’t – you either have or you haven’t. Just like the famous Mona Lisa, I am a Pro-Selfie kind of gal and I would argue that more of you are pro-selfie than anti. Whenever I’m out with my friends or think I look bomb AF in a random ass bathroom, you bet your margarita I’m gonna whip out my iPhone and snap that pic.

Is it a little cocky? Yes – nothing wrong with that. Is it narcissistic? Absolutely not. What I would argue confidently is that it shows confidence. Confidence in yourself – and that you don’t care who is looking. So if you’re sitting here right now at your screen wondering – should I post my selfie or should I not? Keep reading, I promise I’ll have you convinced.

1. We want to see your hot ass outfit:

This is a no bullshit answer. I’ve literally DM’d girls asking where they got their bikinis and trendy little pieces from – because guess what: I want to look as f*cking good as I think you do. Seriously. There’s nothing better than finding a new place to shop or spotting a trend you know you could rock by effortlessly scrolling through your Instagram.

2. You might be someone’s reason to be confident in themselves:

I love, love, love, love, LOVE when I see girls whose bodies match mine. I mean I love when I see girls who show their bodies shamelessly anyway but there’s nothing like having a sister from another mister who looks a lot like you and looks great. Growing up I always was (and still am) the girl with the fat ass, wide hips, and smaller waist. I have people who tell me this is a blessing now, but back then? I was so insecure

Whenever I see girls online with similar body shapes embracing their size and shape it makes me feel totally okay rocking my bod too. I am now well aware that I’ll never be a size 4 again and that my jeans require a dance to get into, but I’m totally okay with that too.