7 Real Reasons We Want To See All Of Your Selfies

Because having friends in pics is SO 2016.

3. Selfies are a form of self-expression:

Not all selfies have to appear “vain” if that’s what you’re thinking. Some selfies are fun and just a way to show who you are that day. I can’t even tell you how many selfies I’ve posted where I’m rolling my eyes and practically becoming one with an office chair saying ‘GET ME THE F OUT OF HERE.’ You’re just sharing your mood. You’re just being relatable. Harm done? Zero.

4. Your new #Fit bod is an inspiration:

Thank you, on behalf of the entire world for showing us that you do not have to be skinny to be healthy. Your cute little abs and sick leg muscles are GOLD and you deserve to be proud of the work you’ve committed yourself to.

It wouldn’t be weird to put up a piece of art and show it off to the world because you’re proud of your creation; so you shouldn’t be ashamed to put up that pic in your leggings and a sports bra to show us what you’ve been working on too. More power to you for promoting a healthy lifestyle.