People Are Sh*tting On These Boyfriends For Becoming Their Girl’s Slave Photographer

When it comes to social media and sharing photos, everything’s a competition. Girls are constantly trying to “one-up” each other for the most “artsy” looking Instagram feed and profile pictures. Long gone are the days where we are just simply posing in cool places across the world – instead, we need the perfect angle, the perfect lighting and the perfect way to say “this is a candid but it’s actually not really a candid because I made someone crawl on the dirty ground to take it.” Many of times, that person ends up being the girl’s boyfriend.

After catching several boyfriends looking like complete and total tools in public, someone decided that it was about time to make a page dedicated to the “slaves of the camera,” aka, your boyfriends. And, @boyfriends_of_insta was born.

This blokes budgie smugglers working wonders for him in and out of the water ?#boyfriendsofinstagram

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"I'm actually an Instagram influencer, you've probably heard of me…"

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C O U P L E • G O A L S

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Seriously – I can’t stop laughing. Also, I’m low key curious why none of these girls want to take pictures with their boyfriends instead of just by themselves. And, why are they constantly posing half-naked in tiny bikinis to post all over the web for validation – if they have a boyfriend at home?

I need answers, people.