‘My Post Vs My Bf’ Is A New Social Media Trend That’s Either Adorable Or Infuriating

This week, Isabella Koval Tweeted this, comparing how she posted a picture on Instagram vs how her boyfriend posted the same picture:

Notice the captions?

“Always a blast w my bff”, hers read. Vs her boyfriend’s “sitting here trying to explain football to this uncultured swine.” Instantly, the tweet sparked a bit of a firestorm. Some told Isabella to dump him, and found his caption disrespectful.

Other, more normal people, recognized that this was clearly a joke and found it adorable.

Most of all, she prompted an accidental trend of people sharing their Instagram posts and comparing them to their boyfriends posts. The caption comparisons are either hilarious and adorable, or kind of infuriating.

“Sean choked on a piece of cheese stuffed crust the other day and almost died, I’m glad he didn’t” versus “Mary eats ass.”

“Because of you, I smile a little bigger and laugh a little longer” versus “Wizard kelly with the Sky Hook”.

“My favorite person” vs. “Ravioli ravioli give me the formuoli.”

“Thanks for being the best date I could’ve asked for” versus “Meat sticks or nah?”

And “I like green and dis boi” versus “Some green shit”.

So what do we think about this? Are the girlfriends sweet and perfect while boyfriends are disrespectful losers? Or are these just funny and we should all relax. Probably the latter, right?