15 Couples Who Make Everyone Else’s Relationships Look Like Garbage

Finding someone you like enough to be in an actual relationship with can be hard. Being in the relationship is almost always hard. And yet some people manage to still be good at being in them. They put in the time to do special things for their partners and they remember not to take them for granted. And they’re showing us up, dammit.

Basically, they should just go pro at being part of a couple. All the rest of us are amateurs. But let these be reminders to us to show our wives, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, significant others, partners, etc. how much we value having them in our lives. We can’t let the others win.

1. Like this guy, who made this piece of complete art for his girlfriend.

2. Or this boyfriend, who took care of his lady’s oral needs (um) when she was just the tiniest bit tipsy.

3. This boyfriend, who had been planning for an anniversary all year.

4. This girlfriend, who knows what it means to look like a real snack.

5. This person, who loves Adventure Time enough to make an excellent “Anniversary Time” card.


6. This couple, who really knows how to celebrate a 60th anniversary.


7. This boyfriend, who was literally slain byhis honey’s hotness.


8. These long-time loves who recreate their first date every year. Damn, the jacket still fits!


9. These high school sweethearts who probably make absolutely amazing parents.

10. This woman, who went out of her way to get her boyfriend a gift she knew that he would love. Pus, candy.

11. This couple, who accidentally got each other the same anniversary card.


12. And this couple, who accidentally bought each other the same anniversary gift! Come on. Too cute.


13. This woman, who is still so very into with her man.

14. This couple, who are crushing with their style.

15. These beloveds who are spending eternity together. Roasting eachother.


h/t: BuzzFeed