A McDonald’s Box & A Flashlight Can Get You The Most Perfect Selfie Ever Imagined

Selfies have become synonymous with social media in the 21st century. Let’s face it – everyone takes a selfie at least once or twice – or a thousand times – in their life. There are even phones coming out that are designed to take “the perfect selfie.” We edit and fidget and try our best to get the best lighting, coloring and everything in between to make our real selves look – well, perfect. You know, that Kylie Jenner *glow*. But, not everyone can afford top-of-the-line cell phones with brand new cameras that can hide all your wrinkles and pimples and make your size 6-self look like a size 2 – sorry. So, if you’re not trying to pay for the iPhone 7 and its amazing camera, there’s a brand new way to get your selfies on fleek and all you need to do is eat a Big Mac.

Philippe Echaroux, a French photographer, just shared his secret to getting the perfect photograph of someone – without all of the expensive and pricey camera equipment. He basically took a Big Mac box, a straw, and a flashlight and created his own “lighting studio” that can be easily moved wherever he goes. The photos that he took came out looking more professional than anything I’ve ever seen – and, they were taken and edited right on his iPhone.

We’re all guilty of editing our photos to look Insta-worthy, but knowing you can take these quality shots with an iPhone and a Big Mac box…well…can you say mind blown?

You can check out the full story and video here – and, don’t forget to save your next Big Mac box when you’re feeling bad about yourself and decide to hit up McDonalds.