This Former McDonald’s Employee’s Pictures of Ice Cream Machines Will Turn You Off Forever

I just want to say – I’m heartbroken right now. I’m a huge McDonald’s lover. I don’t care how bad fast food is for you – I love me some McDonald’s.

Recently, a McDonald’s employee – who is now fired, obvs. – shared some pretty disturbing pictures on Twitter and they went viral, again, obvs.

No wonder the ice cream machines are always broken – I mean…look at that. But, don’t worry McDonald’s lovers – he doesn’t stop there.

After his viral Twitter spree – which included a photo of all frozen food – Nick was inevitably fired from his job.

But, don’t worry – it was all apart of his master plan.

Talk about queen of petty.

According to an interview with BuzzFeedNick claims that it’s the manager’s job at McDonald’s locations to clean the ice cream machines out. As well, Twitter users shared that McDonald’s staff is not trained in how to clean them.

And, many people on Twitter were grossed out by what they saw.

Ugh, way to go Nick. Ruining my summer fun with your nasty ass pictures.