Famous ‘Selfie Dad’ Is Back At It Recreating His Daughter’s Selfies & She Now Approves

Some dads on the Internet give us instant #DadGoals. Like, the dads who do adorable and hilarious things with their kids and post videos or photos of it. Too bad our dads weren’t on social media back in the day – because my dads would have shared the most savage sh*t possible (miss ya pops).

One dad, Burr Martin, had gone viral online in the past for recreating his daughter, Cassie’s, selfies. Basically, in the beginning, he was trying to teach Cassie a lesson about posting provocative photos. He told People he thought that her photos were too racy and sexy and, to show her exactly how much, he recreated them to a T – even down to the crop tops. At first, Cassie was annoyed, but now – she’s grown to appreciate her dad’s humor and comedy and she’s even toned down her outfits and posts online.


@lilaccitycomicon Special Saturday Selfie! #selfiedad #selfiedaughter #headgames

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Cassie said at first, she was embarrassed and annoyed by her dad’s selfie postings – but, she’s grown to love them because whenever she posts a selfie, she knows “there’s a chance he’s going to imitate it, but it’s always a lot of fun.” And she also said, “probably the funniest thing is when he draws on a tattoo and it’s still there the next day because he couldn’t remove it.”

Honestly, #DadGoals.