These Are The 100 Trendiest Baby Names of 2017

If you’re pregnant or trying to get pregnant, you’ll know that planning out baby names are something that takes a lot of time. While most people keep some names written down somewhere in the back of their minds, it doesn’t always happen that their partner wants to name their kids after their significant other’s favorite song or character from a movie (I guess Eric Clapton will be disappointed my boyfriend refuses to name our future daughter Layla). If you’re stuck on baby names and want to be trendy and “in,” here are the most popular boys and girls names of 2017, according to Baby Center.


1. Emma:

A popular name amongst literary heroines. Emma comes from German origins meaning “whole,” “universal.” Can also mean “nanny.”

2. Olivia:

Feminine form of the name “Oliver.” Used very often by Shakespeare, especially in “Twelfth Night.”

3. Ava:

Ava is a popular name amongst those in the Hollywood elite. Comes from the Hebrew word for “bird,” and the Persian word for “voice.”

4.: Isabella:

The Spanish and Italian variation of “Elizabeth,” it’s a newer name that many European Queens have sported.

5. Sophia:

A feminine and lyrical name popular in the ’80’s from the film “Sophie’s Choice.” Derived from the Greek word for “wisdom.”

6. Mia:

A popular name for those who want to keep their daughter’s name shorter. In Hebrew, it comes from the word for “bitter,” but, also comes from the Scandinavian word for “beloved.”

7. Amelia:

A romantic name from the 20’s, Amelia comes from the English word for “industrious” and “hard-working.”

8. Charlotte:

Feminine version of “Charles,” and also the name of several Queens throughout history. Comes from the French word for “free man.”

9. Harper:

A very popular name in the 1800’s, and become popular again after the publication of “To Kill A Mockingbird,” by Harper Lee. Comes from the English word for Minstrel.

10. Aria:

Comes from the Italian word for “melody,” or an elaborate song that is sung by a soloist at the Opera. Also can be spelt, Arya.

11. Ella:

Comes from the English word for “a beautiful fairy woman.” Also, has German roots for “all,” and “complete.”

12. Evelyn:

Evelyn is a Celtic name that means “life,” and “giver of life.” It also comes from the English meaning for “wished for.”

13. Abigail:

Considered to be a very “vintage” name by some, she was the Old Testament wife of David and known for her beauty and wisdom. Comes from the Hebrew word for “gives joy.”

14. Emily:

A very popular name in literature, such as Emily Dickinson. Comes from the Latin word for “Industrious,” and “striving.”

15. Avery:

Feminine meaning for the name Alfred. Comes from the old English words meaning elf, and counsel.

16. Madison:

Madison is a name that is popular with many and comes from the Teutonic history from the Son of Maud.

17. Scarlett:

A popular name for a daughter with a big personality and who is head-strong. Comes from the English word for “fiery red.”

18. Chloe:

Comes from the Greek origin for “a young green shoot,” and the Goddess of fertility.

19. Sofia:

The Spanish version of “Sophia.” Known as someone with a vibrant personality.

20. Lily:

A delicate name derived from a beautiful flower, and known as someone who is “well-loved.”

21. Mila:

Comes from the Persian word for “stork.” Also, Russian for “Favor of the people.”

22. Layla:

A lyrical name of Arabic origin for “dark beauty” and “night.” Also thought to mean “intoxicating.” Popular from Eric Clapton’s hit song.

23. Ellie:

Short for the English version of Eleanor and Ellen.

24. Riley:

Comes from the English, Gaelic and Irish words for “brave.” Can be used for both a girl and a boy.

25. Zoey:

Zoey became a popular name in the mid-90’s. Comes from the Greek word for “life.”

26. Elizabeth:

A timeless name for those who like to celebrate the Royal Queen of England. Also, comes from the Hebrew word for “God is my oath.”

27. Luna:

Comes from the Latin word for “moon.”

28. Aubrey:

A popular name for girls in the modern day, many celebrities have named their own daughters Audrey. Comes from the French word for “elf ruler.”

29. Grace:

A very biblical name, like Hope or Faith. Comes from the Latin word for “lovely” and “graceful.” Also, means “a virtue.”

30. Penelope:

Comes from Greek and Roman mythology, the faithful wife of Odysseus during the Trojan War.

31. Victoria:

The Roman Goddess of victory. Comes from the Latin word for “victory.”

32. Hannah:

Comes from the Hebrew word for “favor,” and “grace.”

33. Nora:

Comes from the Latin word for “honor.”

34. Camila:

Comes from the Arabic decent of the word “perfect,” or “complete.” A feminine version of Kamal, which means “completion.”

35. Stella:

A vintage name in modern day society. Comes from the Latin and Swedish words for “star.”

36. Addison:

A biblical name from the English for “Son of Adam.”

37. Bella:

A name that is synonymous with beauty, as comes from the Latin and Italian words for “beautiful,” and “fair,” or “lovely one.”

38. Natalie:

Originally, this was the name for a “Christmas baby,” coming from the Russian and French meaning for “born on Christmas.”

39. Savannah:

An American name coming from one who is born on an “open plain.”

40. Brooklyn:

A very hipster and trendy name stemming from the New York City borough. Also, comes from the English word for “small stream,” or “bringing forth.”

41. Maya:

A “divine” name, from Hindi roots and has a strong relation to Roman Goddesses of Spring.

42. Paisley:

A name that is most popular amongst those from Scotland, from the fabric that was originated in the country.

43. Aurora:

Popular from the Disney movie “Sleeping Beauty.” The name also is popular as the Roman Goddess of Dawn.

44. Skylar:

Comes from the English meaning of “eternal strength.” The Dutch, however, translate that of “the sky.”

45. Hazel:

A name coming from the 1960’s, a vintage and Earthly name, coming from the English origin for “the hazel tree.”

46. Lillian:

Comes from the English origin for the divine flower of “Lily.” Symbolic of innocence, purity and beauty.

47. Audrey:

Comes from the English origin for “noble strength.” Popular amongst women who admire the iconic Audrey Hepburn.

48. Lucy:

Comes from the Latin origin for “light.”

49. Aliyah:

A very biblical word in terms of prayer. Comes from the Hebrew word for “rise up” or “to ascend.”

50. Zoe:

Comes from the Greek word for “life.” Another version of the name “Zoey.”