These Are The 100 Trendiest Baby Names of 2017


1. Liam:

From the Irish version “Ulliam,” which meant “helmet of will.” It also stands for a “strong-willed warrior and protector.”

2. Noah:

A strong biblical reference from Noah’s Arc, meaning a strong, moral leader.

3. Lucas:

Origins in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese that depicts someone who is “brightly shining.”

4. Logan:

Coming from Scotland, the name has origins in Scottish Gaelic lagan which means “hollow.”

5. Mason:

Can be used for either a boy or a girl, but has strong origins from the occupational name “Mason,” meaning “one who works with stone.” Also, has strong biblical references.

6. Oliver:

A French baby name coming from the biblical reference to an “olive tree.” Also, a symbolism of peace, with offering an “olive branch.”

7. Ethan:

Comes from the Hebrew origin for “strong,” or “constancy.”

8. Elijah:

A strong biblical reference as used in the two Books of Kings in the Old Testament. In religion, the name means “my God is Yahweh.”

9. Aiden:

Comes from the Celtic Sun God and means “fiery.”

10. James:

Comes from the Hebrew name “Jacob,” which also means, “supplanter,” or “one who follows.”

11. Benjamin:

Comes from the biblical Binyamin, which means “son of the south,” or “son of the right hand.” In the Old Testament, Benjamin was the youngest son of Jacob and founded the southern tribes of the Hebrews.

12. Sebastian:

Comes from Latin origins meaning “venerable,” or “revered.” Also, a very popular name in Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night,” as Viola’s twin brother.

13. Alexander:

Known to be named after Alexander the Great, having strong Greek origins. Also translates to “defender of man.”

14. Jackson:

Comes from Scottish origin meaning “God has been gracious,” or “God has shown favor.”

15. Jacob:

Coming from Latin, Hebrew and Greek origin. Jacob in the Old Testament was the son of Rebecca and Isaac.

16. Carter:

Comes from Irish, Scottish and English origin. It means someone who is “the son of,” someone else. In the English origin, this name was given to those who transported others via wagon or cart.

17. Michael:

Comes from Hebrew origins meaning “who is God,” in a rhetorical way. As well, he was one of the seven archangels in Hebrew tradition and only one identified in the Bible.

18. Jayden:

Comes from the name Jehovah, and has strong ties to the Bible.

19. Daniel:

Comes from the Hebrew meaning “God is my Judge.” Also has biblical ties from the Book of Daniel.

20. Matthew:

Greek origins meaning “Gift of God.” Also the known author of the first gospel in the New Testament.

21. William:

German origins meaning “resolute protector,” or “will.” Also a royal name in England and a popular name amongst the English.

22. Luke:

Comes from the Greek word for “light-giving.” Like was the author or the Acts of the Apostles and the third Gospel in the New Testament. Also the Saint of Doctors.

23. Jack:

A medieval rendering of the name “John.” In medieval times, was used to describe the word, “man.”

24. Wyatt:

English origins meaning “guide,” or wide,” and “wood.”

25. Grayson:

English origins meaning “son of the Reeve,” or “grey-haired son.”

26. Gabriel:

Comes from the Hebrew word for “man of God.” Appears several times in the Bible as an angel.

27. Henry:

German origins with the translation of “he who rules his household.” As well, used in English and French origins as a sign or royalty.

28. Julian:

Comes from the Latin word for “youthful.” Also derives from the name “Julius,” and very popular in the middle ages.

29. Levi:

A Hebrew name that translates to “attached,” or “pledged.”

30. Owen:

Welsh origins translating to “young warrior,” or “well born” and “noble.”

31. Ryan:

Comes from the Irish surname which translates to “descendant from the little king.”

32. Jaxon:

Comes from English origins meaning, “God has been gracious,” or “God has shown favor.”

33. Isaiah:

A very biblical name from both the Old Testament, meaning “God is salvation.” Was one of the four major prophets in the Bible.

34. Leo:

Comes from the Latin word for “lion.” Also, German origins translating to “brave people.”

35. Samuel:

A biblical name that means “name of God,” or “God has heard.” Also the last of the ruling judges in the Old Testament.

36. Lincoln:

English origins that derive from a colony that was “Lakeside.” Very prominent from American President Abraham Lincoln.

37. Nathan:

Hebrew origins meaning “gave,” or “given.”

38. David:

Hebrew origins translating to “beloved.” The second and greatest of the Kinds of Israel in the Bible.

39. Adam:

Comes from Hebrew meaning “to be red.” In the Old Testament, he was the first of any human man.

40. Joseph:

Hebrew origins meaning “May Jehovah add” or “increase.” In the Bible, known to be someone who went from slavery to power in Egypt.

41. Eli:

Hebrew origins translating to “high,” “ascended,” or “my God.”

42. Isaac:

A Biblical name from Hebrew origins that translates to “laughter,” or “he laughs.” The only born son to Abraham and wife, Sarah.

43. Anthony:

English origins meaning “highly praiseworthy.”

44. John:

A biblical name that translates to “God has been gracious.” Also strong ties to Christianity to the Baptist who baptized Jesus Christ in the Jordan River.

45. Muhammad:

Arabic origins representing the Prophet Mohammad who founded the Islamic religion. Also translates to “praiseworthy,” and “glorified.”

46. Caleb:

Hebrew origins meaning,” a dog,” or “faithful.”

47. Dylan:

A Welsch name meaning “son of the wave,” or “born near the sea.”

48. Josiah:

Hebrew origins derived from “Jehovah,” meaning “Jehovah has healed.”

49. Hunter:

An English and Scottish name representing hunters and bird-catchers. Meaning someone who is “skilled,” and “resourceful.”

50. Joshua:

Hebrew origins meaning “Jehovah is gracious” and “Jehovah saves.” In the Old Testament, he succeeded Moses as the leader of the Israelites.