This Dad’s Plan To Deliver Flowers On His Daughter’s Birthday After He Died Will Make You Cry For Days

In a heartbreaking post, everyone on Twitter gathered together to mourn and celebrate a young woman’s’ birthday & her father’s passing. Bailey Sellers, who goes by the Twitter handle @SellersBailey, shared on Twitter that on her 21st birthday, she received her last bouquet of flowers from her father who passed away when was 16 years old. She explained that after her father found out he won’t be able to see her daughter turn 21, he had pre paid flowers so she could receive them every year on her birthday.


Bailey told Buzzfeed that for the last 5 years her father, Michael Sellers, would send her a bouquet of flowers with a beautiful message on them.She said her late father died right before she turned 17 & when she received her first birthday flowers, she thought they were from a secret admirer. Once her mother told her it was from Michael himself, she was in complete shock & had admired them ever since.

From her 18th birthday:

All the way to her 21st:

Not only were these flowers special because it would be her last birthday gift from her father, but they came with a beautiful letter inside– which is the actual tear-jerker. The letter starts with “Bailey, This is my last love letter to you until we meet again,” and that first line is already heartbreaking to read. Michael simply tells his “booboo” how special she is and how important for him to see her respecting her momma and staying true to herself.He then finishes her birthday card by writing,

” …just look around and there I will be”

Her story touched so many people, over 1.5 million to be exact, and everyone’s reactions were probably yours right now.

Her story even touched home for others by having them talk about their own losses…