How To Handle Father’s Day When You Don’t Have A Father

Live in the glow of his memory.

Losing your parent is never easy in life. They are the ones who brought you into the world – who fed you, bathed you, clothed you – gave you all of the stepping stones you needed to succeed in your life. When you lose this person, this imperative and significant person in your life, it’s never easy.

Every day is a struggle without them – accidentally dialing their number on your phone to tell them good news, mentioning them in present tense rather than past, making plans to do things with them in your mind but then remembering, it’s an absolute impossibility.

When you lose your parent, you think about it both consciously and subconsciously every day – but, it’s even harder when Mother’s Day or Father’s Day rolls around. It’s as though it is smack dab in your face, staring you and your grief down.

Commercials on TV start presenting Father’s Day gifts, your email inbox is filled with promotions and sales, people begin to talk about their plans for their own parents – and, all you want to do is crawl under a rock and hide.

It’s almost impossible to celebrate Father’s Day when your dad is no longer here on Earth. You feel as though no matter what you do, how you try to pay tribute to him – nothing will ever replace the feeling of having him here, alive, by your side.

But, there are actually ways you can embrace your father’s life in honor of the holiday and his memory.

On Father’s Day, instead of staying inside all day, hiding from the rest of the world until the day is done – embrace your father’s memory for all to see.

1) Bring him up in conversation with others when they speak about their own fathers. Talk about your favorite memories, his horrible, horrible jokes, the favorite meal of yours he cooked – anything that brings a smile to your face.

2) Remember all of the lessons he taught you and apply them to your life, today and everyday. Think of all of the stories of his life he had shared with you and find the little moments that changed you the most.

3) Visit him and tell him about where your journey has taken you so far in your life. Share memories that he may have missed, share stories you wish he could have heard, talk to him about the plans you’re making for the future. Even if you don’t believe that he can hear you, say it all anyway.

4) Surround yourself with people he knew and loved today. Talk about your favorite moments and their favorites, too. Don’t be afraid to cry when you feel pain. Don’t be afraid to laugh when things are funny. Don’t be ashamed to miss him with all of your beating heart.

It’s hard to navigate just how to deal with Father’s Day when your father is no longer here, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon it altogether. Remember, your father was your rock – the first person who taught you how a girl deserves to be treated, or how to throw your first baseball. He is the foundation of your existence – the fire within your ambition.

Share his memory with everyone you can – don’t let him ever be forgotten.