This Weird Instagram Yoga Fad Is Here To F*** Your Whole Day Up

It’s no secret that Instagram has more white women in yoga pants than a Lululemon in Orange County. The Instagram yoga community is strong, vibrant, and full of hashtags — which is exactly what the 17th century Indians who invented the practice had in mind.

They’ve also been doing some weird sh** lately.

The latest trend is Nauli, nicknamed “Alien Yoga,” a breathing practice that involves sucking in your abdomen all the way under your ribcage and then shifting it around like there’s a chest-burster about to breach your stomach.




Besides being a weird thing you can do with your stomach to help your social media brand, it actually has some health benefits. According to the Independent, Nauli helps with digestion and can strengthen the core among other things. “The practice is thought to have endless benefits including improving willpower and emotional stability, correcting hormone imbalances and keeping your organs in shape.”

Mostly though, it’s a great way to get likes and, presumably, weird people out at parties.

I want to believe.