Instagram Is Notifying People When You Screenshot Their Photos And No One Is Safe

If you have an Instagram account, there’s a good possibility that you’ve screenshot someone else’s photo to send to your friends or your group chat. Creeping online is something that’s more common than even having a social media account nowadays. It’s no secret that everyone stalks people on social media, if not, why would we post so many selfies and pictures of our expensive coffees? Obviously, we want people to look at our lives. But, we’re always looking to be bitter and petty about other people’s ~amazing~ lives while simultaneously sulking about our boring ones. Now, it’s going to be pretty hard to talk sh*t about other people’s Instagram accounts with your friends now that the app is notifying people when you take a screenshot of their photos.

Yes, you read that correctly. Instagram is going to notify users when you take a screenshot of their photos – but, have no fear, it’s a very specific software. If you’re looking to just troll on their feed and take a photo of a picture they post, you’re in the clear. Instagram isn’t going to let them know that you’ve screenshot an image of their brunch. But, if you’re on their “Instagram Live” feature and want to take a screenshot of them acting a fool when they’re drunk – you’re sh*t out of luck. It’s going to work the same way  Snapchat does, essentially. If you screenshot their “Instagram Live” story, it’ll show up looking like this:

Obviously, Twitter was not happy when they heard this news.