Demi Lovato Skillfully Set Up A Thirst Trap On Instagram For Henry Cavill And Fans Are Screaming

When you really like someone and you know they’re following you on social media (or looking at your social media accounts), it’s a no-brainer you’d post things that may intrigue them. Hence, why many single women on Instagram are constantly posting fire selfies and body shots to show guys–look what you’re missing. No judgment here ladies, you better work. As more of us rely on technology and social media to connect us to people we may not have had the opportunity to meet in person, it’s pretty crazy how we can manipulate the system to grab some watchful eyes. Just ask Demi Lovato, who basically just showed every woman exactly what she should do when they’re into a guy–set up that thirst trap, sis.

Now, this strategy is one for professionals–which, clearly Demi is. For one, she’s absolutely gorgeous and, her Instagram feed is usually straight fire.

I ❤️ NY

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But, much like other celebrities, Demi’s Instagram is public–so, you don’t need to follow her to get updates on her photos or comment on them. But, if you do, you’ll get it right in your newsfeed. I guess she wanted a certain actor to notice her because the way in which she went about it–genius.

Here’s how it all went down: