Demi Lovato Skillfully Set Up A Thirst Trap On Instagram For Henry Cavill And Fans Are Screaming

Demi Lovato apparently took an interest in actor Henry Cavill–who, ICYMI, plays Superman in several recent films. Also, he’s a total babe.

A Twitter user caught Demi in her notifications setting up the thirst trap by simply–following Henry on Instagram, posting a fire photo of herself in sexy white lingerie, then liking two of his photos (you know, just to get his attention). Basically, setting up Henry to look onto her Instagram account–and, what’s the first photo he’ll see?

Big news coming soon…….

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BAM. Thirst trap.

Fans also caught onto the fact that Henry and Demi have been flirting on Instagram already.

Go Figure.

Fans of Demi’s on social media were so floored, they couldn’t stop screaming.