Demi Lovato’s Twitter Thread About Food Shaming Is The Inspiration We All Need

We all have those days when we look in the mirror and feel like absolute crap. We look at our face, our bodies, our everything and feel as though nothing is good enough. Every girl has been there once in a while, and some more often than others. Struggling with feeling good about yourself is nothing new, many men and women go through it on an everyday basis. Truth be told, we live in a society that glorifies looking a specific way, and, if we feel like we don’t fit into that bubble, we take extreme measures to “fit in.” Recently, Demi Lovato took to Twitter to discuss her own struggles with her body.

Lovato is no stranger to opening up to fans about her struggles. Recently in her own documentary, “Simply Complicated,” she opened up to fans about her struggles with mental health and drugs. Now, she’s opening up about her struggle with body image and how she overcomes the pressures of Hollywood and still feels good. She tweeted about feeling “gross at a photo shoot,” but decided to “accept what she sees because she loves herself for who she is.”

She also went on to discuss how she’s no longer going to be “food shaming,” and allowing herself to eat exactly what she wants.

It truly is a good example to set for her fans, many of whom are pretty young and concerned with their bodies. It’s nice to see a star being completely raw and honest about what they eat–instead of pretending it’s all carb-free, gluten-free, sugar-free (when we know, that’s all bullsh*t).

Fans responded to Lovato on Twitter thanking her for her honesty and talking about how much they struggle themselves.