You Attack My Size 0, But I Can’t Attack Your Size 16

“No, I don’t starve myself. I’m naturally skinny and probably eat more than you.” -Anonymous

Why are you allowed to say I’m too skinny when I’ll be publicly torn apart for saying you’re too fat? This has been a topic of discussion that I’ve been seeing everywhere lately.

The god-awful phrase “real woman” makes me grit my teeth with true anger. Apparently, only women who are a size 8 and above are real women.

I don’t know who died and made these standards but please, let me know. Now I know what people are thinking as they read this,that size 0-2 are the general beauty standards, which is slowly fading.

Yet when was it okay to pick apart a young girl or a woman saying that she needs to eat a cheeseburger? Since when has it become socially acceptable to bully one size but when it’s done in reverse to a size 16 everyone is in an uproar?

We all want to preach about unrealistic body standards, but what’s the harm of being naturally thin or desiring to stay within a smaller weight range?

Does that make us smaller individuals, not real women? Do people realize the young thin girl may feel self-conscious when she reads things on Facebook of people ripping someone her size apart?

You bigger girls are no better than the skinnier girls bullying peoples’ weight online. I’ll probably be fused at for saying this but women are the first ones saying us skinny girls aren’t real women but you’re also the first ones wishing to wear the crop tops and short shorts I wear.

Is it that you secretly wish you could look like me or is it that you truly hate the body I possess?

Or is it an insecurity that your man would want someone like me over someone like you. If that’s the case then he’s obviously not someone you should be with.

Rather it be insecurities or not, please figure it out and stop body shaming us and we’ll stop body shaming you.

I’ve been made fun of a lot, especially by men, that I’m to skinny. I don’t have an ass and my breast aren’t big enough. I’ve been told I need to eat more than I would care to hear.

My own family remind me on the daily bases they would love to be smaller but not my size cause I’m way too skinny.

They say it like it’s a bad thing. When I complain about how I feel no one listens cause I’m luckyto be skinny so I have nothing to complain about.

So I’ll leave you with this wonderful quote I found online that I wish I could identify who wrote this lovely very true statement:

“Hey eat a cheeseburger gang. Iv’e seen you around Pinterest and Tumblr, and blogs with your obvious concern for skinny women. While I appreciate your desire to lead them to a healthy way of life by eating crappy food, I would respectfully suggest that you stop attacking other women’s bodies. Stop throwing around the cheeseburger line along with these silly ones.”

‘Real women have curves’ There are no fake women.

‘Men like women with meat on their bones’ My self worth isn’t determined by men or what my body looks like.

‘She looks unhealthy’ Really? Do you personally know her? Are you suddenly the body police and get to decide what is and what isn’t healthy. 

Attacking other women’s bodies isn’t concern for healthiness, it’s called Misogyny.