17 Reasons Why Wearing “All Black Everything” Will Never Go Out Of Style

I was 2 years old when I first heard “Paint It Black” by the Rolling Stones, and 7 years old when I first heard “Back In Black” by ACDC. Being a child raised on the most epic classic rock ballads, something about the energy struck me like a really great guitar solo.

I’ve spent majority of my life dealing with my family…especially my mother complaining that my wardrobe looks like I’m attending a funeral every day of the week that ends in a “y.” If you take a look inside my closet, you’ll find black on black on black, with a hint of white here and there.

I won’t buy pastels and I don’t do neon. I’ve spent years “trying” to spice up my wardrobe and have even been on the edge of buying some colors, but the best I could do was burgundy and olive-green-not-black. Still certainly dark colors nonetheless. Black is, without a doubt, my absolute favorite color to wear, and here’s why it should be yours too:

1. Black is timeless. And elegant.


2. Unlike white, there’s no rules and regulations about when and where and what time of year you can wear black clothing.


3. My soul is dark, twisted, and a lot of times edgy. Wearing all black matches it perfectly.


4. I like my coffee black, if I spill while I’m rushing, the stain will barely show.


5. As many people already know, black is slimming. Who doesn’t want to slim it down every once in a while?


6. There’s always a touch of mystery to a girl who wears all black.

giphy (1)

7. Yet sometimes, everyone thinks I’m just really depressed.

giphy (2)

8. Or that I’m gothic.


9. The best classic rock songs revolve around the color black.


10. And the best rock stars wear all black.


11. There is no better option for a party or night out than a LBD.


12. You can’t wear leather anything if it’s not black.

Halle Berry catwoman leather

13. Leggings are the most comfortable article of clothing you can possibly wear for any occasion – work, school, going out – and they’re always black.


14. You don’t ever have to worry about matching your clothes-black always matches black.


15. People don’t know that you’ve actually had that shirt for 10 years.

giphy (3)

16. Every accessory matches black.


17. I don’t want to stand out, so keep your red dress.


So, my wardrobe will continue to pretty much be synonymous with my cynical soul. And, even though everyone else thinks I need to spice up my wardrobe with some popping colors, I’m living happily, sexy and mysteriously in my black on black attire. Rock on, b*tches.