This Company Ran A Completely Unretouched Ad Campaign To Promote Body Positivity

In fashion advertising, it’s easy to make girls feel like absolute sh*t because of all the photoshop and airbrushing that goes into magazine spreads and campaigns. No woman has perfect, silky-smooth, glowing skin. In fact, even models have stretch marks, birthmarks, cellulite, you name it. Of course, it’s hard to see often times when the photos are edited so harshly. Many models and women have called out the fashion industry for being so narrow-minded. But, one company has decided to defy the industry standard and have their models promote their products without editing.

Missguided has decided to trademark a new campaign hashtagged “Keep On Being You” where they hope to inspire women across the world to feel comfortable being themselves. They also launched another campaign back in November called “Make Your Mark” which had their models showing off their stretchmarks in photographs.

On the companies’ Instagram page, models are featured sharing their own stories about loving their bodies for all that they are. One video features model Felicity Hayward saying:

“My name is Felicity Hayward.  absolutely love my booty, I’m not gonna lie about it. My biggest motto in life is ‘self love brings beauty.’ We go through so much as a woman, through our bodies, through our mental health, through everything. We are such amazing creatures and when we can just work together and support each other it’s such a beautiful thing.”

Other models are featured in the campaign speaking about their beliefs on confidence and inspiring other women to feel good in their own bodies. It’s about time the fashion industry realized that all women are not made exactly the same and it’s impossible to inspire a client to want to support your brand and clothing when the models all look like a small percentage of women around the world. This campaign is not only inspiring but also empowering for women everywhere.