Twitter Found The Perfect Way To Deal With F*ckboys In 2018

When it comes to players and scrubs, we’re leaving them all behind in 2017. Sure, it’s nice to have a guy to mess around with and talk to, but we’re sick and tired of ending up with nothing when we want to get serious. 2018 is the year of the woman. Taking back all of our wasted time and deciding to flip it up and reverse it. #WasteHisTime2018 has by far been the best trending tweet of 2018. Twitter has proven that 2018 is the year “for the girls.” Women no longer have time to deal with f*ckboys and we have been coming together to share how we are finally going to play them like they have played us. The tweets have been hilarious! And, the responses on Twitter have not stopped since the new year started.

You still get his last name, so you win.

If the only thing that he is interested in is his gains:

Play his game girl!