Bella Thorne Posed Nude In ‘Un-Retouched’ Photos To Promote Body Positivity

Bella Thorne has been doing a lot for herself at only 19-years-old. The teen actress and outspoken activist has made plenty of headlines for her somewhat controversial approach to inspiring young girls to feel good about themselves and their bodies. At 19-years-old, to promote that being you and keeping your lifestyle “all natural” and “authentic” can really do you good at such a young age. She’s spoken out countless times about how toxic social media can be on the young girl’s ego and self-worth and now, she’s taking “major steps” to showcase how to “love yourself.”

I’m all for Bella Thorne, I think she’s pretty kick ass and the ideas she stands by are pretty solid. I do think that social media can sometimes be toxic to young girl’s self-worth and egos and that bullying online can harm the adolescent mind. As well, I think that too often people are trying to conform to “one type of look/body/style” just to fit in. So, being “different” and “loving yourself” is a pretty good cause to stand behind. But, sometimes, people don’t always use the best ways to promote their message.

This time around Bella thought it’d be smart to pose completely naked in “un-retouched photos” that – I hate to say it – are most definitely retouched.