WTF? Kim Kardashian Removed ‘West’ From Her Social Media Accounts

The Kardashians are full of mysteries. For being one of the most public-facing families on the planet, they still do things that make us go “WHAT IS HAPPENING.” Which is good. They clearly have some semblance of privacy left and are able to make decisions but like — WHAT IS HAPPENING?

Today’s Kardashian WTF comes from Kim, who for a hot minute removed her married name from both her Twitter and her Instagram.

Yes, for an excruciating minute, Kim Kardashain-West was just “Kim.” WTF?! Was there family trouble? Was there marital trouble? Is this just some low-key shade because Kanye went and did something outrageous? Did the rest of the K family disown Kim so they could act like it was a big scandal for the next few days, and then reveal in season 436 of their show that it was all a big ruse?

Both of her actual handles remained unchanged. They’ve always been @kimkardashian on both platforms, but this was a bold move that made us scratch our heads. Maybe North was messing around on her phone?

We’ll never know, because as quickly as “just Kim” arrived, so did she part.

Everything was back to normal, and she even posted a pic of Kanye and the kids with the caption “family,” as if to say “Nothing to see here, move along.” Which is fine but like… WTF?!

We have so many questions, Kim. Who are you?! What name do you want to go by?! ARE YOU OKAY?! WHAT IS HAPPENING?!