Kim Kardashian Finally Opened Up About Her Reaction To Kanye West’s ‘Slavery Is A Choice’ Comments

Over the last few months, Kanye West has done and said a lot of things that caused many fans and followers to turn their backs on him.
From declaring his love for Donald Trump on Twitter, to stating that he truly believes and supports a political commentator who does not support black people at all, to saying that he thinks “slavery was a choice”–many fans decided they would no longer support Kanye West as a rapper or an artist.

Weeks after his comments caused the entire world to say: “WTF Kanye,” the rapper dropped a 7-song album called “Ye,” in which he admits that he’s been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He addresses some of the events and arguments that had gone down in response to his out-there comments and statements–and, even talks about his wife, Kim Kardashian’s reaction to it all.

On one song–”Wouldn’t Leave,”–Kanye West admits that Kim Kardashian almost left him due to the statements he made, the support he gave Trump, and the arguments the two had. He also claimed that Kim “cried” because he was “f**king up their money.” And, many fans thought the lyrics made Kim look extremely shallow and money-hungry–caring that they would lose money, but not that he was offending an entire race of individuals (especially, some of his biggest fans and supporters).

But, now, Kim Kardashian is finally opening up about what truly happened between her and Kanye after he made those extremely offensive comments on TMZ. Speaking with “Entertainment Tonight,” Kim said that she cried about it a lot, and the two argued non-stop.

“Did I cry about it? Did I fight about it? Yeah. That’s not stuff we put on social media. I’m not going to start tweeting what my thoughts are, but we have those moments. After a week I was calm again. I think he explained it well in the song.”

She also admitted that Kanye didn’t play “Wouldn’t Leave”–the song he addresses their relationship–to her until the very last minute.

That was the one song that he didn’t really play for me until the last minute. I cried because it is a lot of what we went through. It meant a lot to me. We have different views sometimes, but that’s my husband, you know?

She also said that it took her a while to be calm again and truly understand what was going on.


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She was happy to be in Wyoming with her family and surrounded by friends and other musicians to hear her husband’s album. She also said that she has faith in her husband to do the right thing.

I know his heart, so I know he’ll always have that chance to explain himself when the time is right.

Well, there you have it, y’all–Kim wasn’t so down with Kanye and his outrageous comments, she just didn’t think it was right to air their dirty laundry on social media (for once).