Kanye West Explains Exactly Why He Loves Trump And Twitter Is Dragging Him

Kanye West has made a pretty big come back on social media this week. The rapper who took a hiatus after suffering from mental health issues last year is now using Twitter to speak out about his political views and promote new music/fashion lines dropping over the summer.

This week, New York City radio host Ebro Darden from HOT97 spoke on the radio about a phone call he had with West–in which he admitted openly that he “loves Donald Trump.”

After the interview went viral and people realized Kanye West–the same rapper who said “George Bush hates black people”–is supporting a president who supports racism and white nationalists, as well as the KKK, they weren’t really happy. A lot of fans began speaking out about not buying his albums this summer and boycotting his music. Kanye decided to respond on Twitter with a pretty strong statement saying that he loves Trump, not because he agrees with everything he does, but because he thinks we all have the right to have “independent thoughts.”

He continued by saying that we can’t all agree with each other just to agree, but he won’t tell someone who to support and who to hate.

Bottom line, he’s trying to tell everyone to support their own thoughts and not follow the crowd. He wants people to become “de-programmed” and stop flocking to the hottest, most popular school of thought. Kanye is pushing an agenda where everyone feels comfortable and free to think their own thoughts without being afraid to be judged.

But, Kim Kardashian made sure to put her husband in his place.

Fans, however, were not happy to hear that West is a Trump supporter at all–even on some things.