Twitter Is Dunking On This ‘Consent Condom’ That Requires Four Hands To Open

Consent is truly the most important aspect of any sexual encounter. And with the #MeToo movement, consent is at the forefront of our minds. One Argentinian company, Tulipán, tried to address the issue by creating what they’re calling a “consent condom” that comes in packaging that requires four hands to be opened, the idea being that you can be sure that every sexual interaction is a consensual one. Uhhhhh…

Except that condoms aren’t the problem. Because the real issue, which goes so much deeper, is that people need to learn to communicate with their partners about what is and what isn’t okay.

Articles about the new condom were tweeted by both CBS and the New York Post, and people jumped in in droves to point out the obvious problems.

As was mentioned, there’s no way that making a condom hard to use is going to lead to consent. It’s amazing that this condom even got made, because it’s just so gimmicky. It’s great that more and more people are joining the international conversation about consent, but this ain’t it.

h/t: CBS News