A Real Idiot Got Mad At Hulu For Not Having A ‘Straight White Male Section’ And The Dunks Are Coming In Hot

These days it’s pretty easy to find a movie to watch since we no longer have to go to Blockbusters and we have approximately 18 trillion movies available to us at all times. And there are sections in streaming services designed to make browsing easier—horror movies, tearjerkers, foreign movies, African-American movies, LGBTQIA movies…the list goes on. But you know who sadly don’t get their own section? Straight white men. That’s right. And it’s time we feel bad for them about it.

Well, one brave man, Logan Collinsworth, set out to rectify this blatant oversight, and figured, why not go to the top? So he asked Hulu, on their Facebook page, why they “discriminate” and why there’s no group of movies (aside from basically all of Hollywood?) dedicated just to men like him. Behold, what one commenter called “The White Privilege Manifesto.”

Hey Hulu, There's a Black section on your website. There's a Latino section on your website. There's also an LGBTQ…

Posted by Logan Collinsworth on Monday, March 25, 2019

Everyone, can we please have a moment to reflect on Collinsworth’s “silent suffering”? It actually doesn’t seem that silent, given how long that post is. Are your eyes bleeding yet?

What Collinsworth got was an outlet for his very misguided frustration. What we got is a large collection of the funniest comments we’ve seen in a while, all directed at Collinsworth. His post has, as of the time of writing, only 356 Facebook likes, but it’s got over 7,300 reactions and over 10,000 comments.

A lot of people pointed out that they do have a “straight white male” section, and it’s called the rest of Hulu.

And there were a ton of jokes about Collinsworth using the word “snowflake” when he was the one so worked up on the internet.

And some people just roasted the hell out of him.


Oh, Logan Collinsworth, you are a troll of epic proportions. You will not be forgotten.

h/t: Someecards, Facebook: Hulu