Kanye West Confessed That He Loves Donald Trump And People Were Not Happy About It

Kanye West is a name that causes a lot of controversy in the media spotlight. On one hand, he’s an amazing rapper and producer that has given us some fire hits over the years. On the other, he can come off as a pompous d*ck sometimes in the spotlight.

Over the last few years, West has gotten some backlash from fans and the media after he showed up to support Donald Trump before his election win. New York City DJ and radio host, Ebro Darden, claims that West said in a phone conversation that he does “love” Donald Trump.

The HOT97 radio host had posted a photo on his Instagram of Beyoncé at Coachella with the caption “Nothing else matters when we have this,” talking about black people looking up to Beyoncé. He also wrote, “NOTE: now we know why they don’t do playdates.” This, of course, is referring to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s kids and Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s kids.

Kanye reached out with a friend to speak to Darden about the caption and discuss some politics after West recently went on a pretty pro-right, conservative Twitter rampage.

Darden claimed that West was only talking politics for promotion, seeing as he has a bunch of albums dropping this summer. Darden also questioned his love for Donald Trump, and West claimed that he does love Donald Trump. The rest of the phone conversation with West had to mostly do with personal things with his media image–how he believes he’s been demonized and that no one showed him love when he was in the hospital and addicted to opioids.

West claimed that he “reached out to Obama for years and he didn’t get a response but Trump gave him a meeting right away.” Darden responded by saying “Trump played you.” Rosenberg, another host from the same show, called out West and his “ego,” claiming he’s probably still mad at Obama for calling him a jackass after the VMA scandal with Taylor Swift.

As well, all of the hosts believe West is living in a “bubble.” After marrying into Kim Kardashian’s family, the rapper hardly ever leaves their pampered and rich “circle,” out of touch with the “real problems” that people are dying for today.

The hosts asked fans if they would still bump Kanye West and enjoy his music knowing that he’s following Donald Trump and supporting these anti-black movements. A lot of fans says that he’s falling into an agenda for FOX and other conservatives use, trying to use “naive black people” to persuade the masses. Others said that his views now don’t match up to his older music, the things he used to rap about in the past.

Other fans took to Twitter discussing how this isn’t right in their eyes.

Check out the full radio segment here.