People Are Pointing Out The Irony Of Tomi Lahrenís Criticism Of Taylor Swift And Kanye West

With the current state of the government in the United States, celebrities have felt the need to speak out and share their views and opinions. Many have come out againstPresident Donald Trump and the GOP, stating that they will vote for Democrats in the 2018 Midterm Elections.

Up until now, pop star Taylor Swift has remained relatively silent in terms of her political views, until this week, when the singer wrote a lengthy Instagram post supporting the Democratic nominee in her state of Tennessee.

Her arch nemesis Kanye West, on the other hand, has recently come out in support of Donald Trump. The rapperhas been seen on numerous occasions wearing a MAGA hat and preaching about Trumps success in the White House. The two, who have had a long history of feuding, seem to have spoken out at a convenient time in terms of taking sides in their drama.

Many conservatives who were against Kanye Westwho in the past has spoken out hastily against the GOPare now rooting for him and praising him. Additionally, many conservatives who were life-long Taylor Swift fans have now begun burning her CDs and merch. Ironic.

One conservative who apparently doesnt support Swift or West is our favorite little troll, Tomi Lahren. Lahren, who is as equally annoying as a yapping lap dog who hasnt been fed her dinner, decided to make a public statement on Twitter about where she stands in terms of the Swift v. West debate.

She said she doesnt support either of them, stating that shes not for celebrities that pop off sh*t they dont understand.

Obviously, many people on Twitter found this statement hilariously ironic and hypocritical. Lets break it down:

a) Tomi Lahren is a nobody who wishes she was a celebrity who happens to pop off about sh*t she doesnt understand on a regular basis.

b) Tomi Lahren voted for and supports a celebrity who pops off about sh*t he does not understand on a regular basis.

Twitter wasveryquick to point all of this out.

Lets face itTomi Lahren is always going to be the yappy dog who hasnt been fed. Its safe to say the best way to deal with her is to mute her on Twitter forever. That is all.