10 Of The Funniest Twitter Responses To President Trump’s Shenanigans

One man’s misguidance is another’s retweet.

Our beautiful country of America has been the center of attention lately, whether it’s our recent tendency towards natural disasters and national tragedies or our less than modest President Donald Trump who can’t seem to keep his tiny fingers off his Twitter feed. From 3 AM “covfefe” mishaps to political gossip and celebrity clap-backs, Lord knows the internet has enough material to work with to provide us with some quality social media entertainment revolving around our beloved leader.

As the news-feed scrollers, we are this day in age, we’re inundated with pure comedic gold. And let me tell you what a time it is to be alive, my friends. Let me take your mind away from the threat of nuclear war and social/racial unrest, and show you around the world of the best responses to the Tweets of the one and only Donald Trump.

1. Eventually, sometime, maybe, hopefully, we’ll finally get some answers.

The Don doesn’t want to look too eager, you know.

2. Sleep is for the weak!

Maybe he just plugs himself in at night.

3. We know, Google, we don’t get it either.


4. Attention: the news is an STD.

At least the presidency is a disease that goes away with 4 years of treatment.

5. Despite the negative Covfefe

We gave the nuclear launch codes to a man who sends rogue tweets at 3 A.M….