Kim Kardashian Completely Slams Everyone Claiming Kanye West Is ‘Mentally Ill’

Kanye West has been causing quite a scene on Twitter this week. The rapper, who took a break from social media for a while after going through personal issues, has now taken his place back on Twitter to rant all day, every day.

West has gone on some pretty long-winded tweet sprees about how much he loves the president and supports him–which, fans were not happy about. Seeing as Donald Trump is no friend to the culture or black people in America, many fans were outraged to see Kanye West–someone who claims he is here for his people–supporting him.

West also went on rants about “free thinking” and “spreading love.”

He then posted his “Make America Great Again” hat which was clearly signed by…well, you can tell.

And, it seems as though Kanye has a big supporter behind his thought process. You guessed it–Trump gave him a huge shout out.

Due to his ranting and wild political views that have recently come to light–the rapper has lost millions of followers on social media–overnight (about 10 million to be exact).

A lot of people online think that the rapper, who they once loved and adored, has officially lost his mind.

After many came at Kanye West talking about his mental health and claiming he’s “mentally ill,” his wife, Kim Kardashian West, has taken to Twitter to release a powerful statement, backing her husband.

You heard the woman–lay off her damn man!