Twitter Is Convinced Kanye West Just Announced He’s Running For President

Kanye West is back on Twitter with his endless rants that make pretty much no sense, y’all. After the rapper and producer took a hiatus from social media for months, he’s decided to come back with some controversial thoughts and tweets.

Kanye has been going on and on on his Twitter page about how much he loves/supports Donald Trump and many other conservatives–it’s almost hard to keep up. After New York City radio host Ebro Darden from HOT97 mentioned a phone conversation between the two where West was quoted saying “I love Donald Trump,” fans have been dragging his name all over.

Kanye decided to explain what he meant by that, going on a Twitter spree about his love for the President.

He also tweeted a photo of his “Make America Great Again” hat signed by…you guessed it.

And, Trump is apparently loving all of this attention from West.

Fans, of course, were not happy to hear West–the same rapper who claims he supports the culture and supports black people–standing by a president who has done nothing but segregate the country. But, Kanye wasn’t just tweeting about his love for Trump. In fact, fans are convinced he’s trying to hint that his own presidential run in 2024.

He followed up today with a poster of his face saying “Keep America Great” and another indication of a 2024 run–apparently hanging up in Chicago.

Twitter was wondering if this is Kanye saying he is thinking about running in 2024.

Others were not about it.