21 Makeup-Free Selfies Celebrities Were Brave Enough To Share On Instagram

When you’re a celebrity, looking your best is key to your career. Basically, people worship celebrities in the spotlight as if they were Gods – although, they are just regular ol’ human beings like the rest of us – with some talent (I mean, unless you’re a Kardashian). While we recognize this truth in society, we know that celebs often times never go out in public without a full face of makeup or their nails done, hair done, everything did #Drizzy.

But, on rare occasions, celebs give us some hope and go makeup free, letting us all channel our inner goddesses – or make us feel like bigger trolls (seriously, how does Beyoncé look that good without makeup?).

1. Ariel Winter:

2. Sofia Vergara:

3. Gwyneth Paltrow:

4. Katie Holmes:

5. Cameron Diaz:

6. Cindy Crawford:

7. Laverne Cox:

8. Tyra Banks:

9. Gal Gadot:

10. Zendaya:

11. Eva Longoria:

12. Adele:

13. Jennifer Lopez:

14. Carrie Underwood:

15. Beyoncé:

16. Hilary Duff:

17. Alicia Keys:

18. Drew Barrymore:

19. Simone Biles:

20. Nicole Richie:

21. Laura Prepon: