I Used GlamGlow’s Viral Glitter Face Mask And It’s Actually Amazing For Your Skin

When glitter is involved, there is always speculation. GlamGlow’s new #Glittermask Gravity Mud Firming Treatment has taken the entire internet universes by storm. There has been controversy over whether or not it is safe to rub flakes of glitter all over your face and of course, whether or not the glitter particles are harmful to the environment – but more importantly, going to clog the sink drain. Also, of course, the world wants to know if the glitter particles are biodegradable.

شوفو ماسك قلام قلت اليديد حده يشوووق طبعا للحين مانزل سيفورا اتوقع تطلبونه اونلاين #glamglow #skindetox #skincare

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Well, I don’t think we will ever be so sure about the glitter particles harmful effects, if there even are any, on the environment because they are just way to tiny to keep track of. However, the mask is actually brilliant. To end the first major speculation, the mask is a peel off; therefore it gets throw in the the trash, glitter particles do not get washed down the drain.

The base of the mask, is similar to GlamGlow’s original Gravity Mud mask which beauty lovers everywhere already know and love. Mud masks are amazing because they help to firm the skin and preserve its natural elasticity. So in simple terms, this is the basic mud mask you know with just some added glitter flakes to give your face that fabulous feel.

The “glitter” aspect of the mud mask is completely safe for the face and brings on an extra added bonus of helping the skin feel more defined. This is done through the Teaoxi Complex of Licorice and Marshmallow Leaf which are two ingredients that are added to the glitter mask.

Aside from the physical face benefits that the mask provides, it is definitely one that is postable on Instagram. The mask is beautiful, you just have to post a selfie of yourself with the mask on. Trust me, it is hard to resist the urge to do so.

Before trying the mask, I was a bit skeptical myself just because I personally have very sensitive skin and break out from any strange product being on my face for more than a second. Even the sensitive skin dermatologist tested products I break out from, so this was a huge risk for me. After trying the mask I absolutely loved it. It peels off easily. There was no glitter all over my bathroom floor or a big mess to clean up after using the product. (Which was a big plus for me because I tend to spill things all over my bathroom floor).

The only downside is that the larger shaped glitter particles (the stars) are a bit sharp around the edges. The FDA has not approved glitter particles within cosmetic products not for the reason that they are harmful to the face, but rather because they are harmful to the eye. If one of those stars got into my eye I probably would have gone blind. Okay, maybe it would not have been that serious but I could foresee my cornea getting scratched which is just as bad. So overall, as long as you are careful with the stars getting anywhere near your cornea, the mask is definitely worth the buy. It is absolutely stunning on, and it does wonders for firming the skin.