Guy’s Parents Try To Take A Selfie, And End Up Taking A Viral Video Instead

It’s no secret that parents are horrible with technology. How many times have you gone home to visit dear old mom and dad and one of them stops you to “show them how to work something?” It happens on a regular basis. At least for me, it does. My mom is horrible at taking photos that aren’t blurry, holding the FaceTime with someone in the center, and, always needs help ordering stuff online (or applying a coupon). She also is the type of mom who scrolls with one finger on her iPhone/iPad. Hilarious. But, lucky for my mom, she’s not the only one who has problems understanding technology. Apparently, parents not knowing how to operate phones is a thing that everyone deals with.

Mike Keelan shared this hilarious and adorable video of his parents trying to take a selfie in front of a beautiful, scenic bridge – but instead, they took a video. Warning: these parents have some pretty foul mouths (and I love it).

And, everyone on Twitter couldn’t stop laughing. Users started responded saying how hilarious it was. Let’s be real – when parents curse out of frustration, it’s funny as hell.