This 10-Year-Old Boy Definitely Slays Makeup Better Than You


In the world of viral videos and YouTube accounts – it seems as though everyone is a makeup artist. It makes me feel hella sh*tty because to be honest, I couldn’t even contour my face if you paid me to.

But, big ups to the girls who are extremely talented enough to turn their faces into beautiful works of art via makeup. While I swoon over women online who are capable of doing these beautiful transitions – I have recently discovered my all-time favorite makeup artist on the net – his name is Jack and he’s 10-years-old.

It all started when I saw a video on Facebook of this adorable kid slaying a face beat like it was his job – it was supposed to be a meme with the caption: “You walk in to your son doing this, wyd?”

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I quickly realized, “I will never be as talented as this little boy a day in my life.”

I later discovered his Instagram and was in complete awe – this kid has skills.

A post shared by JACK ?????? (@makeuupbyjack) on

A post shared by JACK ?????? (@makeuupbyjack) on

A post shared by JACK ?????? (@makeuupbyjack) on

Now, before y’all start leaving nasty comments about how makeup is only for girls and you’d “kill your son,” if he ever turned out like this – shut your mouths.

This little one slays and he’s good at it. He’s happy and excited to share his talents with the world and in 2017 – everyone should be able to do what they love, judgement free.

Keep slaying, Jack. You’re killing the game.

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