Dad Hilariously Narrates Daughter’s Makeup Tutorial

And it has over 30 million views.

With makeup tutorials becoming the new “it thing” on the Internet, more often people are trying to create tutorials of their own to gain followers and fans. One 13-year-old’s makeup tutorial went pretty viral across the Internet this week, but, not because of her skills.

Megan Michell created your average YouTube makeup tutorial to share amongst the beauty gurus of the Internet. The only difference was, instead of Megan narrating her step-by-step routine, her father did.


Meet Megan’s father, a hilarious inspiring actor who has dreamed of doing voiceovers in Hollywood. While her father has become sort of an Internet hero, it didn’t happen overnight.

Megan wanted to do something funny, but didn’t think anything of it. Now, the tutorial video has over 30 million views and has been shared millions of times across dozens of social media platforms.

“That’s the kind of stuff my dad says all the time. So, when I first watched the video, I was just like, oh yeah, that’s my dad, whatever. So for other people to find it hilarious was super weird!”

And, while most fathers may be against their teenage daughters wearing a lot of makeup, Megan’s father happens to be pretty proud of his little girl.

“He’s proud that I have something I’ve stuck to, that I have fun doing.”