Here’s Why Colourpop’s $5 New Year’s Shadows Are The Best Kept Makeup Secret

We all know New Year’s Eve is a long night of festivities. You are looking at celebrating anywhere from six to twelve hours depending on when you actually begin your night. No matter when you start, it ends up being a very long night filled with celebrating, dancing, drinking…and usually sweating depending on how you send your night. (Crowded bars, house parties, etc. just lead to sweaty situations).Hair, and especially makeup, usually tend to not do so great with long hours, and excessive sweat.

But have no fear; this New Year’s your makeup is going to shine bright like a diamond all night long. ColourPop’s New Year’s shadows are makeup’s best-kept secret. Creasing on the eyelids is for amateurs. You do not need to be starting your New Year missing half of your eye makeup. Trust me on this secret. I tried there new makeup and I was more than impressed with the results. After going out for an entire night, my makeup stayed on flawlessly.

ColourPop’s Super Shock Eyeshadow collection just released six new shades perfect for your night out this New Year’s Eve. The best part about these colorful shadows is that they are $5 each – which is a total steal. No more going broke to look good on a night out. They are super pigmented and creamy might helps enhance their color all throughout the night. Another pro about the shadows, they blend very easily; which is key to achieving a statement look for the evening.

The shades include:

Lit Year: “This blackened teal with teal glitter goes above and beyond”

A Little Quarky: “This peachy gold with blue & silver glitter is no laughing matter”

Chromoscope: “No need for x-ray specs when you got this true merlot with gold flecks”

Cosmic Charge: “You’ll stay 100 when you wear this warm taupe with blue glitter”

Helio Goodbye:“Don’t know why you say goodbye, this rich copper with gold glitter will make you go go go!”

Sun to Stun:“Knock ‘em out in this icy rose with blue glitter”