30+ Secret Makeup Tips Professional Artists Swear By

When it comes to makeup, not everyone’s game is A1. For example, I’m horrible at applying makeup and knowing what products work well for my skin type and complexion. When I do need my makeup done, I turn to the professionals. The only problem is that getting your makeup done can be truly expensive (especially when you get it done often). Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could have all the knowledge and inside secrets that our makeup artists have? Thanks to BuzzFeed, makeup artists shared some tips and secrets they use whenever getting their face beat on–and, we could not be more grateful.


When it comes to covering blemishes like zits, etc, less is more. Don’t cake on the concealer and corrector, use a regular amount and apply foundation. If it still peeks through, I promise it’s way less noticeable than if you have a random patch of makeup an inch thick trying to cover it.


?В наявності?. ✨Консилер Tarte Shape tape contour concealer – має ніжну текстуру і створює на шкірі легкий шар, який приховує недоліки шкіри та признаки втоми – почервоніння, пігментні плями, темні круги під очима. ☝Продукт легко нашаровується, розташовується, змішується з іншими засобами, дозволяє створити максимально природній макіяж. ✓З аплікатором. Гортайте➡, щоб побачити свотчі. Відтінки в наявності: • Fair. • Fair Neutral. • Fair Beige. • Light. ?Вартість 780 грн. Оригінал США ??. ?Для замовлення пишіть в приват ?. ?Відправка по Україні новою поштою, або укрпоштою ?. #консилертарте #консилерtarte #tarteconcealer #shapetapeconcealer #tartekiev #tartelviv #tarteukraine #tarteoriginal #shoplviv_cosmetics #makeuplviv #mua #instabeauty #tarteкосметика #косметикасша #тарте #тартекосметика #tarteкупить #тартельвів #макияжльвов #shapetape #люкскосметика #профисиональнаякосметика #консилер #mualviv

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A lot of the value in mascara comes from the brush. If you find a brush that works for your lashes, save it and clean it after you finish the mascara it came with. You might be able to then buy a cheaper mascara and replace its brush with your salvaged brush to make it work for you!



Not doing skincare pre and post makeup. Your makeup, no matter how much you paid for it, will not looks it’s best when it’s added on top of dry, scaly, splotchy, oily and just plain unhappy skin. Want to get makeup optional skin? INVEST in skincare. One more thing: wearing, or not wearing for that matter, makeup in general in response to someone else. Wear it or not for YOU, and you alone!!! :3



When wearing foundation PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE blend it out on the edges !! Put product on your jawline, and blend it out into your neck. And the foundation along the edges of your face, blend them out too. There is nothing more painful then a beat face with a harsh difference between skin tones. It’ll help create a natural look and make it less obvious you’re wearing foundation, plus it will improve visually your color match.

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What I tend to see a lot of in terms of eye makeup is not paying attention to the placement of the the mascara and eyeliner due to people’s eye shape and structure. Not everyone looks good with just top liner, not everyone looks good with bottom mascara. Also winged liner should fallow from the line leading off of your bottom waterline from the corner. Not from your top lid. And start flick first!



Exfoliate, don’t be afraid to play with skincare and makeup to find what works best for you, stop blocking your eyebrows unless you’re doing drag, exfoliate your lips (it’ll do wonders), clean your brushes, curl your lashes always, and ALWAYS TAKE YOUR MAKEUP OFF BEFORE GOING TO BED



Take a drop of primer oil (or coconut oil to save money) and add it to a matte full-coverage concealer to make it more radiant, easier to blend, and look more like skin without messing with the coverage.


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To tame full eyebrows, spray hairspray on a clean, disposable mascara wand and brush your brows up, then into the shape you want.



If you have oily skin, use a water-based foundation. If you have dry skin, use an oil-based one. If your skin is a little of both, try both and see what works best!



Winged eye liner ? Do not try to start the wing from the top lash line – using the bottom lash line has a greater affect and allows for a smoother, straighter wing. Also, look at the wing you did first while etching the second wing.



When applying eyeshadow, always start with a neutral color buffed in your crease. It will blend out your colors and provide a smooth transition. I use this tip all the time no matter what kind of look I’m trying to recreate.