7-Eleven Launched An Entire Cosmetics Line And The Makeup Actually Looks Amazing

The next time you hit up 7-Eleven for a Slurpee, you might want to take a browse at the cosmetics section. YUP, you read that right. Last week, the convenience store giant announced the launch of their fashion-forward, “Simply Me,” cosmetics line. Available exclusively at 7‑Eleven stores, this makeup line was created for the busy millennial woman.

Now, when 7-Eleven creates a makeup line, much like their delish grab-and-go pizza, they DO NOT slack. This isn’t some cherry slurpee flavored chapstick, ladies. The line consists of 40 products for face, lips, and eyes. The line also includes offerings for day or night use, different complexion types and skin tones. Did I mention that everything is priced in between $3 and $5?

TBH, 2017 has been awful and this is just the type of news we needed. While I never thought I’d be buying lipstick at the same place I also bought a buffalo chicken roller, I respect this. 7-Eleven recognizes we are busy ladies who are always on-the-go. Sometimes we just need a quick bite and a quick touchup, and they’re only just living up to their convenience store name. Also, finally makeup that doesn’t cost a fortune. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Shut the front door, is that BB cream? Finally I can have something on my face from 7-Eleven that isn’t pizza sauce!

YASSS, pucker up.


TBH, I wish this was around during my prom!

Literally, how can all of this be under $5? #blessed

Maybe she’s born with it, or maybe it’s…7-Eleven!

People on Twitter got the good news and reacted – well, the same way we are.

I need all of this NOW. How about you? Any products you absolutely NEED? Let us know in the comments below.