16 Definite Reasons Having Pizza Is Better Than Having A Boyfriend

There are some things in life that give us absolute bliss – a new pair of shoes, driving to work with no traffic, the smell of a hot, steamy pizza fresh out of the oven, really great sex. But, there are some things in life that are better than others. Like – for example – pizza and more pizza. While having a boyfriend is nice and all, having pizza is obviously better because – well, a lot of reasons.

1. Pizza will never talk back to you.

2. Pizza will always leave you fulfilled.

3. Pizza doesn’t make you feel guilty when you’re PMSing.

4. Pizza never disappoints you.

5. Pizza is always there when you need it.

6. You can fit a whole slice of pizza in your mouth without a gag reflex.

7. Pizza will always come in hot.

8. Pizza won’t make you feel bad for ordering it late at night.

9. Pizza will stay in or go out when you’re in the mood.

10. You can dress the Pizza up however you’d like it.

11. Pizza doesn’t get mad when you want to be cheesy.

12. Or saucy.

13. Pizza isn’t annoyed when you get sloppy with it.

14. Pizza doesn’t think you look fat in that dress.

15. Pizza doesn’t care if you want to take a photoshoot with it for social media.

16. When you want pizza, you can always have pizza.